Medicine is an exciting science that concerns everyone. During the last hundred years, medicine has been caught up in a fascinating technological revolution. The doctor of today is a super technologist trying to perfect his art and science and he has a responsibility of backing up his knowledge with the best that the pharmaceutical industry can offer in terms of effectiveness, economy and safety.

          INDICA LABORATORIES PVT. LTD was started in 1979.

            From day one, all efforts were made to create a culture where quality was a sacred word and would always take precedence over profits.

          At ‘INDICA’ we have ultra-modern manufacturing, testing and quality management facilities backed up by a country-wide distribution network to ensure that the final product that a patient gets is manufactured meticulously, tested painstakingly, packed scientifically and priced economically.

          Looking to the present scenario and tough competition, we have to implement modern technologies in the healthcare market. Accordingly, the undersigned wish to depute his son, Amit M. Patel, B. Pharm , who too is actively associated with us, to participate in this Information and Technology Congress, to be held sometime in September at Washington. May, I, therefore request you to furnish the further details and formalities to be completed and oblige.
         At ‘INDICA’ we do not believe that the standards of ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ as prescribed by law are the ultimate in quality management. We believe these to be only the minimum requirements and we go beyond the laws and strive hard to reach newer heights in maintaining the quality of drugs that we manufacture and market. We follow the very objective and scientifically sound philosophy of “ZERO DEFECT”. This means that the defects in the manufacturing are maintained at a zero level at every stage so that the final product has Zero Defect. This is a highly scientific, technologically advanced and philosophically sound technique that never allows any defect to creep in at any stage of manufacturing, testing, packing and despatches.

        India is one of the major countries in the world, in manufacturing most of the pharmaceutical raw materials. Most of the manufactures got their marketing and distribution arrangement in Ahmedabad. Similary, Gujarat contributes more than 60% of the Pharmaceutical formulation requirement in India and therefore most of the major raw material manufactures are having either their Representatives or their distribution net work in Ahmedabad in order to cater the market demand. Thus, we can easily procure the raw materials at our doorstep. For your ready reference, we send herewith the list of few suppliers from whom the raw materials are procured by us.

         We are engaged mainly in the anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory range followed by anti-malarials. Anti-biotics contributed more than 60% of the total turnover of most of the pharmaceutical companies and we got a good range of anti-biotics, list of the products together with the literatures of few of these formulations are being annexured herewith.